What is Workers' Compensation?

    Many of you do not even know the extent of the hazards to which you, and others, are exposed while understanding the risks, cannot choose a safe work environment.  Your workplace is controlled by your employer, and you may be exposed to significant safety and health issues.

    Safety hazards are those conditions that cause burns, electrical shocks, cuts, bruises, sprains, broken burns or loss of limb, eyesight, or hearing.  Health hazards include toxic and carcinogenic chemicals and dust, often in combination with noise, heat and other contaminants.  Health hazards react with your body.  The results can be lung disease heart disease, cancer, neurological disorder, or systemic poisoning.  Unlike safety hazards, the effect of health hazards may be slow, difficult to diagnose, and complicated by non-occupational factors.

    Workers' Compensation is to provide the injured workers and their families with sufficient resources to maintain an adequate standard of living despite the disability or death.

    Workers' Compensation only pays a portion of your loss.  It does not pay for wage loss, pain or suffering, loss of enjoyment of life's pleasures, or the loss of dignity and confidence that seriously injured workers suffer!

    Workers' Compensation is the only right the injured worker has against the Employer.  It is the most important that YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHTS to make sure your Employer meets its obligation under the Law.

    Listed below are two outstanding attorney's who have helped our members get their just rewards under the Law when the Company decides to challenge a claim.

**Note:  Employees cannot be discriminated against by an Employer for filing a Workers' Compensation claim when injured at work.

Jacob A. Cheli, Esq.  www.chelilaw.com
P.O. Box 254
Exton, PA 19341
(800) 205-9523
(610) 873-1130

Appointments available in Lancaster.

Katherine L. Niven  www.klnivenlaw.com
Katherine L. Niven & Associates, LLC
1323 North Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17102
(800) 399-0003
(717) 231-1640

The above listed attorneys' have done an excellent job for the membership of USW Local #285.  As a disclaimer we also encourage individuals to seek the attorney of their choosing and can help in that matter.

From time to time, we will do a follow-up of an actual case held before a judge with follow-up results.

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